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Our Mission Statement

Sierra Investment Group’s mission is to focus on domestic business development; analyzing the quality of a person's project rather than only looking at who that person is on paper. Sierra Investment Group Inc  then prepare this analysis in writing to our clients’ benefit in the form of a comprehensive business plan. This mentality has driven Sierra Investment Group Inc forward with success and funding for projects that nearly all financial institutions would typically turn down.

We offer professional grant writing services, specifically developed business plans for grant funding, and preparation/filing of 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations for small and medium sized for-profit businesses. We focus on business start-up, development and expansion. SIG has a database with access to nearly 100,000 Foundations, Associations, Philanthropists, and Private Funding Agencies to pull from when assisting you in obtaining your funding. Each year, these funding sources MUST allocate funds to businesses in the form of Grants in order to maintain their tax exempt status for that particular year. Sierra Investment Group Inc. will qualify you in advance to make sure your business/organization meets the criteria of these foundations.



Why is it important for Sierra Investment Group to write my business plan?


  • Most funding proposals are denied simply because the applicant failed to follow the smallest of details in its Request for Proposal.


  • Failure to meet funders’ criteria will likely result in you being denied, regardless of your proposal's strength or quality of writing.


  • The primary deciding factor in funding success is learning to "think like your funders".


  • Your research will only help you receive the funding if you provide the funding source with the information they mandate in the format they require.


  • The main reason for a denied proposal or application is due to the fact that most submissions end up in the inappropriate funders’ hands.


  • There is no such thing as "easy" when it comes to obtaining funding; funding sources advertising "easy or free money" are most likely fraudulent.


  • Effective research is vital to writing a well-written funding proposal; without it, you will most likely be denied.


-      If you skim, misread, or misunderstand any part of an RFP, your proposal will likely be denied. Being knowledgeable on how to carefully read and understand an RFP significantly increases your chances for funding approval.

   Our focus at Sierra Investment Group Inc. is to provide businesses with accurate, updated, unbiased information concerning business development, investments, and protection. When you retain our services to assist your company’s growth by writing and structuring your road to success, your business plan. You will be assigned a Case Manager who you can contact anytime via email or telephone and keep updated with the entire process.


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